How to Add Text List in The Web Page

Insert html list in your web page use this code. html list code start tag <OL> and  end </OL> tag. html list code add in embed of your web page.
               <LI>Insert List Text
Note: if you like add multiple list use <LI> tag.

search engine optimization

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.SEO help to search your website on Google,Yahoo,Bing and rank higher in search engine results. For SEO Example

DOCTYPE declaration in html

It gets the right information in the browser.DTD is used webpage. ..tells the browser that web page write in html. the doctype declaration to your HTML documents

Basic HTMLSample Page HTML code

Basic HTML Sample Page code for beginners.You can copy and paste code in your notepad Or HTML Editor and This code use to free. Create simple Web Page
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