Basic HTML Tags For Website

At the time you make some important sites are the basic tags.Eg. HTML, body,
H1, H2, paragraph, horizontal lines, line segments ..

This code is given along.

HTML TABLES | Add Html Code InYour Website

Free HTML table code for your web site.You can copy and paste the code into your own web page.Add New HTML table in web page use to table tag

List of fruit can add to your website

Html list Start <ul> And End</ul>.create a new html list used to this code.for example - mango, banana, apple,greps list..copy and paste code in the your web page.

Html Image -The image link tag and src attribute

Image code start in <img> tag. You just Insert Image Source Like that URL and Text . URL stand for Uniform Ressource Locator (URL) and SRC stand for Source
Tag Description
<html> Html Document
<body> Body Document
<h1> to <h6> Set Header H1 to H6
<p> Set Paragraph
<br> Insert Break Line
<hr> horizontal line Tag
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Html Font Fruitlist Hacked  Heading
Hexrgb  Horizontal   HREF link   Icon
Jquerybutton        Jquerydatapicker
Metakeyword  MetaTitle    Icon
Compose  Paragraph    Script
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