Html Web Page Structure

The best way to create a New website and so will find many sample.html structure is for an easy fast way to build your site. the below see in the structure


  <title>My Title</title>



Hello World<p>

  <b>This is bold text <b/>


Note : Copy & paste code in your notepad and save as "Index.html" Or "
Index.htm "

Create upload box in the website.

a file upload button is used to upload data on website. e.g. <input type="file"
id="FileUpload button" style="position:absolute;" name="FileUpload button">

Sample Sitemap for your website

Sitemap are way to communicate directly  with the search engine.the Sitemap google, bing Sitemap Yahoo, ask, Sitemap yandex, free

Easy Website

Free HTML Editor to create HTML codes for your site or blog.Beginner-The best Editor  to create website.HTML Editor to
generate  HTML code for your website.
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