What is SEO

What is SEO? SEO is search engine optimization.It is essential to find  your website on Google.If you create your website,.It is necessary to make  some changes in the SEO search engine optimization before publishing website SEO helps to show in such a large search engine to your website  to Google, Yahoo, Bing and ask need to cast in the search engine before  you publish your website

SEO Search Site :

Google                  Yahoo

Gigablast          DuckDuckGo

AOL                      Yandex

Bing                     xquick

Alexa                     Ask                 

Set your keyword | set page keyword in meta tag.

The keyword is most important to your website.Keywords used to find your site in search engines.Like - Google yahoo, bing

Horizontal line and Vertical Lines using..

A line parallel to the x-axis is a horizontal line..In relation to the y-axis is parallel to a line graph of the form..Copy and Paste code

Use to break lines <br>

the start of the break line <br>
</ br>.the code can be used by
the next break line.
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