Basic HTML Sample Page for beginners

Html is a very simple language.basically,all web page created use to html language but require Same knowledge of other languages. For example : CSS , PHP, AJAX, Java and other..if you have create website you have not knowledge of html. Don't very i give us same sample of HTML code. Basic HTML Sample Page for beginners. you just copy and paste code the your notepad and use to free

If you want to create web page follow the step by step.. notepad: start-all programs-accessories-notepad
2.copy html source code and paste in notepad as "sample page.html" as sample page.html
Html Source Code:
<title>My First Web Page </title>
     <h1><FONT COLOR = #FF0033>My Website First Sample Page</FONT> </h1>
     <h3>My Website First Sample Page Tutorial</h3>
<a href="#/" target="_blank" >Home</a> |
<a href="#/" target="_self" >FAQ</a> |
<a href="#/" target="_top" >Contact</a
     <td valign="top"><h2 align="center">Welcome!</h2>
     <Div Align = "center"><p>Welcome to my first sample webpage. I create the sample page in
without using
webpage editor.</p>
     <p> I have add the html code in this page. I am only add text title,heading,menu,font,background
color, footer,Div Align and horizonatal line.</p>
       <p>I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific.</p>
     <td width="200">
       <footer><Div Align = "center">www.your</Div></footer>
     <td height="50"

The color values in CSS style

the color in the CSS property is used.Hex values in CSS, including the name of the RGB color value....CSS color and size

HTML Tags For Website

At the time you make some important sites are the basic tags.Eg. HTML, body, H1, H2, paragraph, horizontal lines, line segments

Most Common Character for example..

The Most Common Character used to website design. for example - less than,graterthan,quotation mark.
Note::All html source code is web customisable.
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