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My Website First Sample Page Tutorial

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Welcome !

Welcome to my first sample webpage. I create the sample page in without using webpage editor. I have add the html code in this page. I am only add text title,heading,Menu,font,background color,Footer,Div Align and horizonatal line.I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific

HTML Colors and Values for website..

Html Bgcolor Start <Body> And End </Body>. the web page are set  Bgcolor used to Color Hex With Name

Marquee - the scrolling text and images

Start of the marquee <marquee> tag and the</marquee>end tag,Tags can be created using the scrolling marquee

jQuery Menu Button | Input Types Menu

jQuery menu that is used to add the page on your website.Visitors to the website can be used to change the page above.
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