Redio Button

Redio button is used in online web form Like that multiple optional in form e.g. to select color I have given to sample code in the web.You just Copy and paste this code in your Index.Html page.
• Red

• Blue

• Green
<input type="radio" id="RadioButton" name="Button Name"value="on" style="position:absolute;">
Note:Copy & Paste Code in your web page.

DOCTYPE-declaration in html

It gets the right information in the browser.DTD is used webpage. ..tells the browser that web page write in html. the
doctype declaration to your HTML documents

Add Text List | start code tag

html list code start tag <OL> and  end </OL> tag.if you like add multiple list use <LI> tag.easy to create html text list
in web page

Add Paragraph in html Website Page

The Paragraph start  <p> tag  and end </p> tag.. the paragraph are used to write the information on website.I have given to example code
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