Set your web page titles

Title websites Google, Bing and Yahoo is more like a search engine. If more visitors
to the website can better title.

Set your web page descriptions

The results are shown in the description of your web page in search engines.This
is described on the website of the information comes in.The website's
description is very important. So getting the information on the website.

Why to Create robots.txt file

Controlled robots meta tags and index spiders crawl your web page or post. This
is not control spider web. This tag is more important for a website.This robot is
capable of controlling different ways.

Create your sitemap

Sitemap is a very important to find your web page on google search engine.

Set your Keyword

Keywords need to find your web page on Google.These keywords should
be given according to the website, so the website is detected early

Set your page heading tags

Your page heading displays at the top of your web page, Heading tags
Other HTML
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on Google+
The Paragraph start  <p> tag 
and end </p> tag.. the
paragraph are used to write the
information on website.I have
given to example code...Click here
Add Paragraph in html Website Page
Html Font Size | Html Paragraph tags
Add paragraph and break
paragraph in your HTML web
page.The content on your
website's page.You can set HTML
Font the size of font with size
attribute. click here
Free HTML Editor to create HTML
codes for your site or
blog.Beginner-The best Editor to
create website.HTML Editor to
generate HTML code for your
website..Click here
Easy Website Builder
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