Basic Html Sample of Heading Tag

Html Heading Tag Start to using <h1> and end tag </h1>. Heading is a title at the
head of a page or section of a book.You are basically use to Different head section
and size. head section is use < h1 > to <h6> tag Heading is same as book titile of page. most populer heading tag is <h3> and <h4>
<H1>This is a size "1" heading</H1>

<H2>This is a size "2" heading</H2>

<H3>This is a size "3" heading</H3>

<H4>This is a size "4" heading</H4>

<H5>This is a size "5" heading</H5>

<H6>This is a size "6" heading</H6>
See the Result :

This is a size "1" Heading

This is a size "2" Heading

This is a size "3" Heading

This is a size "4" Heading

This is a size "5" Heading
This is a size "6" Heading
Note:Copy & paste Html  heading code in your Web site Or Notepad and save. and see the following Results

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