Html fruit List :

Note:This Code Copy & Paste In Your WebSite Page.

Html Heading tags | H1 size

How to add Heading tag in your website. head section are used to H1 to H6 .The title displayed at the top of the web page,search in Google,Yahoo,Bing

Search engine optimization

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.SEO help to search your website on Google,Yahoo,Bing and rank higher in search engine results. For SEO Example

How to add html Image in web page

Html Image Tag  Code Start <img> and End Code </img>.Copy &Paste This Code In Html Web Page
     <li>Mango</li> Mango
    <li>Banana</li> Banana
<li>Apple </li> Apple
<li>Greps</li> Greps
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