How to Create Web page WIth Notepad

How to create basic html web page in notepad or text editor. It is a good editor to create Web page and If you are decide to create New web page use notepad(pc) or text editor (mac os ). Make web page you have need knowledge of html (hyper text markup language).If you like to use notepad editor.Follow the Step...
First step: Open Notepad in your pc follow the Next step.

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Second step - Edit html page in Notepad

How to Write html code in Notepad


<TITLE>My First Page Title</TITLE>

First Heading</h1>
                           <p>First Web Page Paragraph</p>

Basic HTML Sample Page HTML code

Basic HTML Sample Page code for beginners.You can copy and paste code in your notepad Or HTML Editor and This code use to free. Create simple Web Page Click here

Set page description in meta tag

The description is important to the website.give to short description about your web page.You can use <meta> tag.Click here

Send an e-mail from your site

Send email free to using your mail address.MailTo:Your Email Address...A HREF link to send email. Click here
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