Composing Web Pages

Mozilla includes a super free web page editor Called Composer. This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool that lets you quickly create great looking web pages.composer can be launched from mozilla s window menu or from the component bar or from the start networking www menu.
The composer editor opens in normal mode that allows you to create a page by adding content to its main window clicking tabs at the bottom of the window present different views of the page.preview mode shows the page as it would look in a browser source mode reveals the actual html code and tags mode adds html tag markers to the normal mode view. text contentcan be added to the page by typing directly in or can be copy n pasted from anotaher source drag .
the cursor over text to select it then use toolbar buttons to alter its size color font highlight and position other toolbar buttons let you create highlight and position other toolbar buttons let you create bulleted or numbered lists with just one click.

HTML documents - announce the start of a Type

The HTML document itself <html> begins and </ html> ends.tag is visible between the HTML document in  <body> and </ body> tag. Click here

Shortcut icon

The fevicon icon is a small shortcut icon.also called fevicon or image x-icon...shortcut icon sample code. Click here

Online Audio Player

Audio code start </audio> tag. and end </audio> tag....Audio automatically play on your websites...Copy and Paste code.Click here
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