How to use Character in web page

The Most Common Character used to Website design. for example - less than,greater than,quotation mark

Common Character Table

For Example :
Description Entity Name
non-breaking space &nbsp
< less than &lt;
> greater than &gt;
& ampersand &amp;
" quotation mark &quot;
' apostrophe &apos;

XML Sitemap for your website

Sitemap are way to communicate directly with the search engine.the Sitemap google, bing Sitemap Yahoo, ask, Sitemap yandex,

jQuery Menu Button

jQuery menu that is used to add the page on your website.Visitors to the website can be used to change the page above.

Banner Image - <Img src="set banner img url ">

Many website are available on google to create online website banner.banner is used to publish your header name..
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