I have given to Banner Example code.banner is used to publish your header name, web site ads.Many website are available on google to create online website banner.
<img src="images/img0004.jpg" id="Banner image" alt="
Banner" style="position:absolute;border-
For Example
Note:you just Copy and Paste Following Code in to your web page

HTML Tags For Website

At the time you make some important sites are the basic tags.Eg. HTML, body, H1, H2, paragraph, horizontal lines, line segments ...Click here

Create upload box in the website.

a file upload button is used to upload data on website.e.g.<input type="file"id="          FileUpload button"style=" position:absolute;"name="FileUpload button">
The Paragraph start  <p> tag  and end </p> tag.. the paragraph are used to write the information on website.I have
given to example code...Click here

Add Paragraph in html Website Page

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