Line Breaks

These are all elements in the newly launched line break Line use of banality (BR) to breakAt the end of the start of the break line <br> </ br>. Text can be  break using the break line The text of the code can be used by the next break.

set break <br />

line <
br /> in

website<br />

Note:you just Copy and Paste Following Code in to your web page

jQuery Date Picker script | Example

You can create a new calendar using jQuery Datepicker of code.Popup calendar date attached shows an inline calendar for selecting the category

Add Paragraph in html Website Page

The Paragraph start  <p> tag and en </p> tag.. the paragraph are used to write the information on website.I have given to example code

Diagram Html Web Page

Below is a visualization of an web design diagram. Just draw each html web page.html structure is for an easy fast way to build your site
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