How to check hacked website

It's down to check whether your website is hacked Throw in the domain
name can check the link.Malware infected websites and malicious spam
that you get the information.You can find it using Google safebrowsing.
Goto Internet

        Open Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

                  Insert Web page link
Type your website address and click to start find spam website, Website Address
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Tutorial Point
on Google+
For Example :
A line parallel to the x-axis is a
horizontal line..In relation to the
y-axis is parallel to a line graph of
the form..Copy and Paste code 
Click here
Horizontal line and Vertical Lines using..
jQuery Button
Create button code by using the
jQuery.jQuery button is used to
go to the page on your
website.Use this code to create a
new button.  click here
Html Heading tags | h1 size
How to add Heading tag in your
website.head section are used to 
H1 to H6 .The title displayed at
the top of the web page,search
in Google,Yahoo,Bing  click here
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