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Send email to using your websites mail address.A HREF link to
send email and click to open a new popup window and send mail.

<A HREF = "www.yourwebpage/index">Link Text Here</A>

<A HREF = "Your Website Address">Link Text Here</A>

Note:Copy & Paste Code in your web page.
Tutorial Point
on Google+
Help Tools
For Example :
The Most Common Character
used to website design. for
example - less than,grater
than,quotation mark...Click here
Most Common Character
A line parallel to the x-axis is a
horizontal line..In relation to the
y-axis is parallel to a line graph
of the form..Copy and Paste
code click here
Horizontal line and Vertical Lines using..
the start of the break line <br>
</ br>.the code can be used by
the next break line. Click here
use to break lines <br>
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