I have given to Audio Player Source code.you can set autoplay option.audio code
start </audio> tag. and end </audio> tag.you just Copy and Paste Following Code
in to your web page and  Insert source address in source tag. This Audio
automatically play on your websites.

Online Audio Player

Note: This code only support to new version web browser
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<audio src="" id="Audio Name Here" autoplay="autoplay"
For Example :
Send email free to using your
mail address.MailTo:Your Email
Address...A HREF link to send
email. Click here
use to break lines <br>
the start of the break line <br>
</ br>.the code can be used by
the next break line. Click here
How to add Heading tag in your
website.head section are used to 
H1 to H6 The title displayed at
the top of the web page,search
in Google,Yahoo,Bing Click here
Html Heading tags | h1 size
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